Theres this feeling of both excitement, deep satisfaction and unexplainable happiness upon  seeing my vision slowly transform into real actual tangible dresses. 

I love the process of creating. So to be given an opportunity to exercise no holds barred creatvity Is something I'm really thankful for. 

This set is very special since most of the bridesmaids are my friends. This set is also my gift for an old friend of mine whom I've known ever since high school.

The only key direction was everything had to be in shades of blush. The rest is up to me. 

I envisioned something mismatched. Vintage yet modern. Unique but very cohesive. 

I also wanted to showcase range. What our atelier can do. 

I'm very proud of the finished product. It's even better than I imagined. 


You too can get your experience custom personalized formals.

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