Question #1: How much is the rate for custom dresses?

It depends on the style.

The general starting rate is 11,000Php or 275USD for single non beaded orders. 
8,500Php or 215US for bridal entourage orders with a minimum of five orders. 
For Wedding Dresses, the starting rate is 70,000Php or 1,750USD for the fully customized service; and  25,000Php or 625USD  for semi customized service. 

Question #2: What's the difference between a fully customized service and a semi customized service?

The fully customized service is our luxury and most availed option. 
What this service is about is an immersive process that begins from sketching of the dress until production. A true collaboration between you, the bride and the designer. Literally making your wildest imagination happen. 
This is perfect for brides who want a dress that is totally one of a kind. 

The details for this service are all hand drawn from scratch with meticulous attention to detail exercised. Every bead, every thread, every fold of fabric placed on the dress are all thought out with the wearer in mind.
Clients who avail this service get priority schedule in our calendar.
The designer herself personally oversees every fitting to make sure everything is perfect.
Details for this dress are guaranteed never repeated. 


The semi customized service is less meticulous. You choose from an existing pool of styles that we alter according to your preferences and body shape. The designer herself might not necessarily personally oversee the fittings. The fittings are also limited to two fittings. 

Question #3: How long is the lead time? 
The lead time for non bridal custom dresses is 3 to 4 weeks. 
For entourage and bridal orders, the lead time is 4 to 8 months.

Question #4: What's the process? 
For non bridal, upon meeting and taking of measurements. You settle your downpayment. We set a fitting schedule and a pickup schedule. You can settle the balance either on the fitting or the pickup date. 

For bridal, a 5000PHp or 125USD reservation fee should be made to confirm you date in our calendar. The downpayment or balance will be settled upon taking of measurements. We then set our fitting and pickup dates. You can either choose to stagger payment during fittings or upon pickup or settle early to avail of our early bird rates. 

For international bridal clients,  a 5000PHp or 125USD reservation fee should be made to confirm you date in our calendar. The downpayment or balance will be settled upon taking of measurements. We then send a base dress and samples of the fabric and lace options for you to fit and choose from.(The shipping fee for which is included in the quoted price.) You then send us the base with adjusted markers and which textiles and lace you wish to use. We then send you the completed dress. The shipping fee for the completed dress is shouldered by the client. 

Question #5 How soon can we pickup? 
For non bridal, depending on how soon you booked. The standard pickup is 2 weeks ahead of the event date. 

For bridal, standard pickup is 4 weeks ahead of the wedding date. 

We can adjust our timelines for international clients who wish to pick up their dresses ahead of schedule. ie A year ahead etc. 

Question #6 What is the early bird rate? How do we avail it? 
The early bird rate is a 5%+ incentive discount we extend to our bridal and entourage clients who settle all their dues four (4) months ahead of the wedding date. 
Further discount applies should you wish to avail the entourage with the wedding dress. 

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