I'm recently doing a collection drive asking my former brides to send in photos and snippets of their wedding so I can share their story on my website. Angela was one of the first to respond. There's always a sense of excited delight when you get to see shots of the fruits of our collaborative effort for the first time. Months of work immortalized in stills. 

Angela found me through a common friend that I met through the beautiful interweb. It's cool to have these unexpected almost random interconnectedness between different people that makes human interaction truly special.  It makes me believe that maybe fate does exist somehow. 

One year after we first met, I got an email from her asking me to make her dress. She wanted modern and sexy perfect for a sea side wedding in La Union, Philippines. I was more than happy to oblige.  


 This wedding video so beautifully shot by Tony Perez of Reel Story is a wonderful glimpse of how life can glue souls and bring them together as one. And how beautiful an accident that can be.